Mar 24, 2021

4G and 5G Coverage Maps: Optimize Cell Coverage for Business Networks

Network cell coverage is always changing and evolving as carriers expand into new markets and embrace next-generation technologies. However, no cell network provider offers coverage everywhere, and each network’s coverage is impacted by the local environment. In fact, carrier coverage can vary not only within individual cities and towns, but even between buildings on a single block! So, how do you keep on top of who has the best coverage where your business is located? 

At Ventus, part of our Managed Network-as-a-Service cell deployment process is providing customers with both cell coverage site qualifications and site surveys to ensure the greatest connectivity at each and every location. 

Our site qualification process evaluates cell signal strength by overlaying published carrier coverage maps with proprietary data assimilated from our extensive grid of existing cellular devices to determine the best potential fit for each of your locations. Keep in mind that could be a different carrier at each setting. Indeed, it is common that a location has unique variables that could impact the strength of the signal for a particular carrier.

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To pinpoint the most beneficial carrier choice a site survey may be required. If that is needed, a Ventus technician will come out and visit the actual site to conduct an extensive analysis of its environmental factors. This includes noting the precise planned equipment location: front lobby, basement, telecom closet, etc. Other considerations that may impact signal strength are reviewed, including the material used to construct the building. Additionally, the technician will place an actual Ventus router and antenna in a strategic position to replicate and assess the live signal strength of available carriers.

As you begin to consider using cell for your business wireless mobile Broadband network it is critical to weigh the options such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, but to truly achieve maximum efficiency you should think about engaging a single source vendor to synchronize these 4G (and forthcoming 5G) services. As a managed service provider that can handle it all, Ventus has always provided our customers with the greatest uptime for their network needs by working across all the carriers to develop a plan of attack for deploying the most appropriate carrier for each location. This begins with site qualifications and site surveys to guarantee you are getting the most reliable coverage no matter where you operate.

Ready to see what coverage from each cell network provider looks like in your area? Check out the carrier coverage maps below and contact Ventus to request a free site qualification today for all your locations!

Coverages Maps