Network Applications Drive Business Growth

Ventus Managed Network-as- a-Service (NaaS) ensures your business applications experience disruption-free, always on connectivity backed up by dedicated client care and 24x7x365 technical support.


          Any Industry, Any Application
          Ventus Managed Network-as-a-Service Has You Covered

          • Alarm Panel
          • Asset Tagging
          • ATM
          • Aviation
          • Back Office Systems
          • Bike Rental
          • Bill Payment
          • Check Imaging
          • Cloud Services
          • Corporate Wi-Fi
          • Customer Analytics
          • Digital Advertising
          • Digital Kiosks
          • Digital Ordering
          • Digital Price Books
          • Digital Signage
          • Digital Surveillance
          • Digital Video Recorders
          • Donations
          • Electronic Health Records
          • Environmental Monitoring
          • EV Charging Stations
          • Failover WAN
          • Fuel Dispenser Support
          • Gaming
          • Global Money Transfers
          • Guest Wi-Fi
          • Gunshot Sensors
          • Help Desk
          • HVAC
          • Infrastructure
          • Inventory Management
          • Kitchen Display Systems
          • Learning Management Systems
          • Licensing Kiosks
          • Lighting Management
          • Lottery Systems
          • Loyalty Programs
          • Media/Advertising Systems
          • Medication Dispensation
          • Mobile Payment Systems
          • Music Streaming
          • Oil & Gas Monitoring
          • Order Management
          • Out-of-Band-Management
          • Parking Kiosks 
          • Payment Authorization
          • Payment Systems
          • Payroll Systems
          • Police Vehicles
          • POS (Point-of- Sale)
          • Public Safety
          • Remote Office
          • Revenue & Billing Systems
          • SD-WAN
          • Smart City
          • Smart Meter
          • Supplies Tracking
          • Surveillance
          • Tableside ordering
          • Tank Gauge Monitoring
          • Tax data management
          • Telemedicine
          • Testing Center
          • Urgent Care
          • Video Surveillance
          • VPN
          • Water Meters
          • Workforce Management



          Secure, high-availability 4G LTE to modernize your ATM  and ITM experience 

          Ventus is the ATM managed network expert, designing, building, hosting, and maintaining more ATM networks than any other provider. Ventus Managed Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) for ATM provides a comprehensive solution including a network router utilizing LTE wireless and/or broadband WAN for remote and branch-based ATMs, PCI-compliant connectivity, encrypted multi-point routing, and direct connections with the industry‚Äôs leading payment gateway processors. 

          Cellular WAN for Remote ATMs, Branch ATMs, and ITMs

          Lower Costs -- 4G LTE wireless connectivity reduces installation costs, cost-effective rate plans, and provides rapid deployments

          Reduce Network Demand -- Ventus Private Network supports multi-endpoint routing including processors, check imaging, alarm panels, and more

          Simplify PCI Compliance -- Ventus Private Network is PCI DSS 3.2 compliant with fully-redundant data centers

          Installations Made Easy -- Ventus' dedicated project managers coordinate on-site services with our zero-touch hardware ensuring your installation deadlines are met.

          Find out why Ventus is #1 in Managed ATM and ITM connectivity!

          Branch ATM Network Isolation

          Reduce Network Vulnerability -- Isolated network designs for branch ATMs eliminates access to other branch networks and limits PCI audit scope.

          Secure Customer Data -- Reduce cardholder's risk and ensure sensitive data only traverses encrypted pathways.

          Improve Customer Access -- Separate ATM network provides continuity to customers needing to access account during branch network disconnects.

          Request the ATM Network Isolation white paper.

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          Payment Gateway and Processor Partners

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          Digital Signs


          Ventus 4G LTE and Broadband solutions offer flexibility and control for your digital sign

          Digital signs have quickly become the primary communication medium for leading retailers, restaurants, and financial institutions.

          Demand for targeted, customized, consistent messaging across a large, geographically-diverse portfolio has compelled businesses to augment their network accordingly. Ventus Managed NaaS supports your digital sign programs with hardware installation, project management, network design, continuous monitoring, and 24x7x365 technical support.

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          Connect Digital Signs, Kiosks, Picture Walls, Employee Communications, and more

          Right Network  -- Ventus offers 4G LTE, DSL, Cable and Ethernet service from leading national service providers

          More Uptime -- Continuous monitoring, 24x7x365 technical support, and power alerts delivers always on connectivity and limits truck rolls.

          Single Source -- Project management for signage software, hardware procurement, on-site installations, and maintenance.

          What are your digital sign network needs?

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          Failover WAN


          Back up your business network for a disruption-free workplace environment

          Business continuity is critical to any effective network strategy, providing communications integrity and peace of mind. Ventus Managed NaaS for Failover delivers comprehensive network redundancy via secondary cellular or broadband connectivity. In the event of a primary outage, the network automatically detects the drop and seamlessly fails over to the secondary network until primary service returns.



          Better security, bandwidth and control for all your IoT applications

          The ability to connect an increasing number of network devices, nodes, sensors, and smart machines to the internet has led enterprises to seek out faster, more secure networks. Ventus Managed NaaS for IoT offers greater security and bandwidth, and disruption-free connectivity, enabling superior control and reliability for your IoT environment.



          Give your kiosks the best in connectivity and placement flexibility with powerful 4G LTE

          Increasing demand for greater mobility, accessibility, and expanded services has made self-service kiosks a vital component to any customer offering. Ventus offers powerful, reliable 4G LTE connectivity that allows for more flexible placement options, dedicated and responsive customer care, continuous monitoring for disruption-free connectivity, and 24x7x365 technical support for improved customer experience and satisfaction.

          Out-of-Band Management

          Out of Band Management

          Total remote control and the best connectivity in one solution

          Growing dependence on distributed cloud and IoT installations has left enterprises searching for ways to troubleshoot remote locations without having to order expensive truck rolls or request on-site staff to check connections and devices. Ventus Managed NaaS for Out-of-Band-Management utilizes powerful and secure 4G LTE to enable private, remote access to a console server, giving infrastructure managers dedicated, out-of-band control, and a redundant management path.

          Point-of-Sale (POS)


          Disruption-free, high bandwidth service with top of the line security and encryption

          POS disruptions can bring business to a halt and disappoint customers. Ventus Managed NaaS solutions offer several options for handling this from POS network segregation and real-time network failover to seamless cellular WAN. Compatible with all leading POS vendor systems, POS networks utilize a secure VPN connection for a universal, cost-effective solution.

          Remote Locations

          Remote Locations

          Secure, robust 4G LTE connectivity on demand

          Reliable, secure networks are driving the growth of remote locations, connected construction sites, seasonal businesses, and pop-up retail/restaurant spots. Ventus Managed NaaS offers always on connectivity for remote-focused applications such as POS, kiosk, CRM, and other specialized services, enabling secure, PCI compliant, reliable information exchange wherever and whenever you need it.


          SD WAN

          The best connectivity, management, and control in one solution

          Demand for greater optimization of traffic segmentation and bandwidth has made SD-WAN critical to any network strategy. Ventus Managed NaaS for SD-WAN takes it a step further, delivering end-to-end management of the entire network chain, including WAN segmentation, deployment, continuous monitoring, vendor point-of-contact, and 24x7x365 technical support.

          Smart City

          Smart City

          Powerful connectivity and support for IoT city and town applications

          IoT technology is changing how cities approach services for their residents. Ventus offers the flexibility and support all your IoT projects utilizing the appropriate network design and monitoring from Wi-Fi to broadband to cellular. Ventus supports your IT team as they develop and implement these new IoT services such as scheduling of smart trash can pick-up, light bulb change alerts, toll and parking meter vending, traffic management, fire and police support and so much more as this technology expands.


          WI FI

          Secure, robust Wi-Fi for your corporate and guest networks with powerful analytics tools

          The near-constant presence of new inventory and POS mobile platforms and consumer devices demanding omnichannel access is accelerating demand for quality internet access everywhere. Ventus Managed NaaS for Wi-Fi provides secure, high-bandwidth Wi-Fi with multiple SSID management for private or public networks, along with dynamic customer analytics for new ways to track store counts, number of visits, and high traffic areas. Ventus Wi-Fi enables seamless integration of mobile offerings with in-store/branch environments, affording a more engaging and customizable customer experience.


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