Apr 27, 2021

7 Key Considerations for Bitcoin ATM Wireless Network Connections

The automated teller machine (ATM) revolutionized the cash handling experience and now, a new variety of ATM, known as a Bitcoin ATM (BTM) has emerged to do the same for today’s rapidly growing realm of digital cryptocurrency exchanges. Like their old-school counterparts, these new Bitcoin ATMs need the disruption - and interruption - free network availability that relies on a handful of key elements.

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 7 Key Considerations for Bitcoin ATM Wireless Network Connections

  1. Service Provider Options – Wireless connectivity with 4G LTE is the most efficient method for connecting your BTMs. Having the option of choosing the best service provider at each location heightens network reliability.

  2. Enterprise Network Routers – Dependable compact network equipment with powerful antennas offering a dual SIM solution with auto-failover ensures flexibility.

  3. Remote Power Reboot – Remote locations can generate expensive service calls when equipment fails, utilizing a remote power reboot and built-in power alerts can increase uptime and lower service calls.

  4. Flexible Data Plans – BTMs data usage can be impacted if the machine offers purchase or purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. A managed service provider like Ventus can offer a choice of data plans that range from cross carrier sharing, to sharing within data plans, to data plans that are tailored to your specific needs.

  5. Monitoring Portal Customization – The ability to monitor, create custom alerts, and generate reports will provide the knowledge that you need to keep your BTMs up and running smoothly.

  6. API Integration – A monitoring platform from a managed service provider partner that can offer API integration of their platform with yours can unify the information into a single platform.

  7. 24x7x365 Support – Trading never stops, so to ensure access to your BTMs you need around the clock technical support to answer questions and manage any service issues.

Ventus Brings It All Together: Request more information on comprehensive BTM network solutions.

Working with a managed service provider like Ventus provides a one-stop shop for BTM connectivity including pre-configured routers for easy deployments, data plan management across multiple service providers, 24x7x365 monitoring support, and router maintenance to ensure that you can focus on growing your BTM business.

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