Nov 01, 2018

SD-WAN Helps Retailer's Networks Meet Demand

Are your stores, restaurants, branches, or offices still running on a T-1 circuit? Enterprise network needs are growing at 40 percent annually with a majority of the traffic going to new cloud-based applications. The high cost of MPLS networks and difficulty in delivering traffic to the clouds has driven the demand for SD-WAN, hybrid, and failover networks supported by broadband and cellular service providers. Ventus Managed NaaS provides a platform that supports multiple service suppliers providing a consistent and knowledgeable team of network specialists providing a single source for enterprise organizations.

 Ventus has taken SD-WAN and Hybrid WAN to a new level by providing the design and implementation support that the traditional SD-WAN service providers deliver with ongoing management and network expertise that comes with maintaining enterprise networks on a daily basis. Ensuring that as network demand continues to increase Ventus continuous monitoring of customer’s networks ensures uptime and capacity demands are met.

SD-WAN meets high bandwidth demand for cloud applications 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Benefits of an SD-WAN Deployment from Ventus

• Tangible cost savings over MPLS networks

• Performance and uptime improvements with increased network options

• Management of heterogeneous service provider offers

• Networking expertise to support, build, host, and maintain SD-WAN solutions

• Ability to overlay solution on top of existing network infrastructure

Ventus will architect a solution tailored to your specific environment and network requirements. Learn more »